Anti-aging & lifting procedures

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Be faster than time and don’t let the signs of time appear with the innovative INDIBA radio frequency or ROBOLEX laser procedures! The procedures are painless, the heat emitted by the device will not cause unpleasant sensations.

The RF INDIBA radio frequency procedure

is a complex non-invasive facial procedure that uses an advanced 448 kHz radio frequency wave machine and massage movements to ensure faster lymph circulation. 448 kHz – the wave of this frequency does not damage cells at all and properly activates them to achieve the desired goal. Firm facial skin, reduced expression lines, disappearing skin problems – you can achieve this result with INDIBA!

The ROBOLEX Laser is a multi-functional body contouring device

that combines ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency (RF), low-level laser and vacuum suction. By enhancing the circulation and lymphatic drainage of dissolved lipocytes and using vacuum suction, the result of elastic skin is maintained and achieved.

CooLifting hardware procedure

is a modern method of facial skin resurfacing with a special device, in a non-invasive way. Using carbon dioxide and cooling the tissues, the skin of the face is nourished with a regenerating preparation. The result is visible immediately after the procedure, there is no rehabilitation period – it is a great choice before important parties!

Anti-aging & lifting

Chin shaping with ROBOLEX 120 min., Chin shaping with ROBOLEX 60 min., Facial skin rejuvenation with CooLifting 45 min., Kobido Lifting with RF INDIBA 90 min., Lifting with RF INDIBA 120 min., Lifting with RF INDIBA 60 min.


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