Body wraps

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Body wrap is a beautifying method in which various beneficial masks are applied to the skin and wrapped in a special film or other means. Body wraps improve blood circulation, lymph circulation, tighten the skin, improve body lines, fight cellulite.

Body wraps are a natural way to beautify body lines, revitalize, cleanse and saturate the skin with the necessary substances. Body wraps wrap a film, foil or elastic bandage around the entire body or certain parts of it together with a cosmetic product. It is definitely an effective tool for losing weight! Already after the first procedure, the skin becomes firm, smooth, skin functions are activated.

This method not only improves the structure and appearance of the skin, but also stimulates deeper body processes: blood and lymph microcirculation, metabolism, toxin removal, fat breakdown, relaxes muscles. Body wraps are considered a natural way to get rid of bulk, contour your body and look and feel slimmer. The procedure helps to get rid of excess fluids and toxins and stimulates metabolism and the work of the lymphatic system.

Body wraps

Body wrapping with a slimming gel mask, Body wrapping with slimming gel mask and lymphatic drainage massage machine, Cranberry mask body wrap, Wrapping the body with "Morjana" gasul clay, Wrapping the body with seaweed


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