Cellulite and body tightening

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Are you thinking about how to tighten your body, reduce cellulite or improve your body shape? This can be quite a challenge, but with effective measures, you can achieve it quickly and in the long term. Cellulite is one of the most common problems faced by up to 98% of women. In order to reduce cellulite marks, you should exercise more, eat healthier, give up bad habits, etc. Have you heard about the treatment of cellulite with the Robolex laser and Photodynamic therapy with the Triwing lamp? These innovative ways to get rid of cellulite are so dynamic that it just proves once again that medicine keeps pace with innovation in technology.

Advantages of cellulite treatment with the Robolex laser

The prevailing myth in the world is that only painful cellulite treatment is effective. Massage therapists and physical therapists will agree that during a painful cellulite removal procedure, the patient’s muscles tense up and thus slows down blood circulation in the tissues, which prevents effective cellulite removal.

We say NO to pain!

The unique treatment of cellulite is ensured by the exclusive advantage of the Robolex laser: 5 types of automatic pulse, which allows maximum adaptation to the skin structure, type of cellulite and, of course, sensitivity of each patient, which results in not only an effective but also a pleasant procedure. Maximum adaptation to the patient’s sensations allows to ensure proper blood circulation and effective treatment of cellulite.

Cellulite treatment with photodynamic therapy

Acting on human tissues, LEDs cause intracellular, physiological, photobiochemical reactions and stimulate cells. LED light stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, prolongs the vitality of aging cells, which enables them to produce collagen and elastin for a longer time, one of the most important elements responsible for the elasticity and firm appearance of the skin.

Cellulite treatment Suneka Cell injection

SUNEKOS “Cell” is a sterile, injectable solution that promotes the restoration of microcirculation and the physiological state at the intracellular level affected by inflammatory and structural factors. Today, many pathophysiological circumstances indicate the need to focus treatment on the extracellular matrix. The synergy created by HA+AA and the alkaline solution results in physiological changes that improve ECM structure, regulate microcirculation and reduce fibrosis.

SUNEKOS “Cell” is the only formula that neutralizes acidosis and reorganizes the intracellular matrix.

This is the solution for the successful treatment of cellulite. The number of procedures required depends on the condition of the cellulite. Usually 3-4 procedures, performed once a month.

Cellulite, body firming

Photodynamic therapy – 1 procedure, Photodynamic therapy – 3 procedures, Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – 3 procedures (3×120 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – 3 procedures (3×30 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – 3 procedures (3×60 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – 3 procedures (3×90 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – Buttock area (30 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – Chin area (30 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – Hand area (30 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – Leg area (45 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – Legs and buttocks area (60 min.), Procedure with the "Robolex" machine – Legs, buttocks and abdomen area (90 min.), Robolex procedure – Abdominal area (30 min.), Robolex procedure – Full body (120 min.)


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