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Consultations of a urologist

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Diseases related to the prostate are the main cause of complaints of patients who consult a urologist. The myths surrounding urological disorders and the avoidance of preventive examinations determine that the mortality rate of Lithuanian men facing these problems is higher than in other European countries. This is the most important proof that thorough, early diagnosis by experienced specialists can save life.

There are several reasons why doctors may not be contacted in time: lack of symptoms in the early stages of chronic urological diseases (for example, chronic prostatitis), as well as shame or guilt that the patient may feel. Sometimes, it is mistakenly believed that urological problems detract from masculinity, and therefore the recognition of their existence is avoided. Urological disorders are a common and common health problem for men, so they are shamed for no reason. It is recommended to consult a urologist if the following symptoms occur:

• pain in the pelvis, abdomen, urethra, sacrum, scrotum, perineum or groin, fever;

•  stinging or burning in the genitals, any other unpleasant changes in the genital area;

• pain during intercourse, erectile dysfunction;

• problems with urination – urinary incontinence, especially at night or retention, discharge from the urethra, painful urination, bleeding.

The clinic treats the following disorders:

• Decrease in libido, penile sensitivity. Sexual desire is increased using modern, highly effective technologies – laser treatment is applied. The procedure increases penile sensitivity, volume and blood flow, resulting in improved libido, intimate life and self-confidence.

•  Peyronie’s disease – curvature of the penis, which on average affects one in ten men. The disease is usually treated or managed using the following methods: active surveillance, medical or surgical treatment. The most suitable treatment is selected after taking into account individual circumstances that may influence the occurrence and intensity of the disorder.

•  erectile dysfunction – a condition in which the erection process of the penis is disrupted for various reasons. Medicinal treatment is usually applied, but it is prescribed to the patient after taking into account individual circumstances that may influence the occurrence and intensity of the disorder. prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland) and prostatitis (hyperplasia); Kidney and urinary tract diseases (inflammation, stone disease, etc.); bladder diseases;

• potency disorders; erectile dysfunction;

• Testicular (orchitis), seminal vesicles (vesiculitis), epididymis (epididymitis) diseases. At the Socrates Clinic, your pelvic health will be entrusted to the care of the experienced, highly qualified urologist Saulius Stirbis.

Urologist consultations

Consultation of a urologist, Repeated consultation, examination and appointment of treatment by a urologist


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