D-LAB Nutricosmetics – “Activateur de Régénération” food supplement complex promoting skin regeneration

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The Skin Detox complex combines 4 interrelated mechanisms: skin cleansing, detoxification, digestive smoothness and rehydration.

D-LAB cares about your health and includes specific and extracted ingredients in each of its formulas to protect the body from harmful substances:

– Antioxidants that come from extracts of black radish, wild pansies and St. John’s wort help fight against skin aging

– Thermal salts extracted from the Vichy water reservoirs are an exclusive ingredient naturally rich in potassium and lithium.

This formula is for you if…

If you have small pimples on your face and upper chest

You have subcutaneous spots or microcysts that break out the skin The appearance of pale, tired skin


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