D-LAB Nutricosmetics – food supplement program for perfect skin “Peau-Parfaite”

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This unique skin conditioning program combines as many as 32 ingredients to keep the skin clean not only from the outside, but also from the inside. These components clean, smooth and actively regenerate skin tissues. Wild pansy extract thoroughly cleans dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin, nettle extract balances the sebum produced by sebum. It is due to the excess of fat on the skin that the pores expand and various spots appear. However, grape seed extract and hyaluronic acid soothe and hydrate the skin.

Cleaning of deeper skin tissues

– Turmeric cleanses the body and improves digestion;

– Microencapsulated zinc, supports skin vitality;

– Five additional strains of bioactive probiotics ensure the smooth work of the microbiota;

– Concentrated extracts of bellflower and black radish.

This program is for you if… –

Your skin is combination or oily;

– You often suffer from enlarged pores;

– Your skin has pigment spots (microcysts and blackheads), sometimes even scars remain;

– Your skin is sensitive to environmental factors;


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