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The power of dots has been mentioned since before our era. In those days, both men and women wore earrings, mostly soldiers and sailors. and in Eastern countries, earrings have become an almost mandatory part of the outfit for newly born girls. However, earrings affect not only beauty, but also health. Therefore, we suggest choosing only a professional doctor with medical knowledge so as not to damage blood vessels and other organs and nerves.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

The doctors of the Socrates clinic recommend wearing earrings when a person understands what he is doing and what he wants. We pierce our ears from the age of 7. Earrings are pierced not only in the ears, but also in other parts of the body such as: navel, eyebrows, nose or lips. In these areas, piercings can only be done from the age of 16 and with parental permission.

What is the procedure?

Initially, there is a consultation with the doctor performing the procedure, when the patient’s expectations and possibilities are discussed. The patient chooses the piercings offered by the doctor from a wide selection – these are medical metal piercings of various colors and shapes, of which we have more than 25 types. The doctor precisely marks the place where the piercing will be done. In a professionally selected place, the piercing is inserted without any pain.

Piercing earrings

In the ears with a gun + earrings


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