Facial cleansing

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Professional deep cleaning of the facial skin thoroughly cleans the skin – dirt accumulated due to make-up, sweat and secretions of sebaceous glands, skin changes caused by weather conditions, clogged pores of the facial skin, acne, blackheads and other existing skin problems. Regular professional facial cleaning not only helps the skin stay clean, healthy and radiant, but also prevents chronic skin problems.

Advantages and benefits of facial cleansing:

– The procedure is performed for both men and women.

– Dirt, dead stratum corneum, open and closed comedones, papules, warts and nodules are removed.

– Pores are opened, comedones are cleaned

– Easier penetration of cosmetic products into the skin (serums, creams, masks)

– Problems with scaly, uneven skin structure, flaky skin, oily facial skin areas are solved

– Fine wrinkles are smoothed out In all cases, depending on the patient’s skin, an individual facial cleansing course is recommended by a specialist.

Facial cleansing

Acid facial cleansing (45 min.), Combined facial cleansing (60 min.), Diamond microdermabrasion (60 min.), Enzymatic facial cleansing (45 min.), Hydrafacial facial cleansing (60 min), Mechanical face cleaning (90 min.), Ultrasonic face cleaning (60 min.)


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