Facial massages

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The facial massage includes the face, neck and décolleté areas. Specially adapted movements improve the lymphatic system, relax muscles, and reduce tension from constant facial movements. It is important that facial massages are performed as rehabilitation after certain facial injuries and operations. To experience full pleasure during the massage, natural products with mild aromas are used.

Advantages and benefits of facial massages:

– The procedure is performed for both men and women.

– Effectively combats fine wrinkles and acts preventively against skin aging.

– Skin cells are regenerated.

– Tired skin is revived, a healthy skin tone is obtained.

– Facial muscles are stimulated and their tone is increased.

– Dead skin cells on the surface of the skin are removed.

– Facial pores are opened.

Facial skin massages are recommended once a week. Following a 2-month course, you can take a 2-month break. In all cases, an individual massage course is recommended by a specialist.

Facial massages

Classic facial massage (60 min.), Firming facial massage (60 min.), Kobid facial massage + Anti-aging & lifting radio frequency therapy with INDIBA (120 min.), Kobido facial massage (60 min.), Kobido Royal Facial Ritual (90 min.), Spanish facial massage (60 min.)


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