Facial procedures

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Non-invasive facial wrinkle removal with Juliette Armand Skin Boosters. pHformula procedures for pigmented, couperose and acne-damaged skin. TTV Lift Peel facial rejuvenation procedure and Nunii pigmented facial treatment.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

It is recommended for smoothing facial expressions and small facial skin wrinkles, reducing the effects of photoaging, relaxing the skin and treating hyperpigmentation.

The importance of peptides

for facial skin Peptides are the basis of the skin, which is responsible for the skin’s texture, healthy appearance and resistance to external environmental factors. Without peptides, our skin becomes more vulnerable, which can lead to loss of firmness, possible appearance of wrinkles and changes in skin texture. Dry facial skin usually occurs in cold seasons, when the humidity level in the environment is extremely low. Cold, dry air evaporates the water in the skin, resulting in dryness, tightness and flaking of the skin. By choosing the right facial treatment, these problems can be solved or avoided altogether

Facial treatments

"Apocalypsis" phytopiling and cell rejuvenation procedure (60 min.), "Chronos" anti-aging facial treatment (60 min.), "Nunii" procedure for pigmented skin (45 min.), "Opsis" non-invasive eye rejuvenation procedure (60 min.), "Schema" phytopiling procedure for the body (60 min.), pHformula A.C. procedure for acne-damaged skin (60 min.), pHformula C.R. procedure for couperose skin (60 min.), pHformula V.I.T.A.C. procedure for pigmented skin (60 min.), Thavma non-invasive facial wrinkle removal procedure (60 min.), TTV Lift Peel facial rejuvenation procedure (45 min)


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