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Suffering from excessive hair loss? Is your hair greasy, thin and sparse? Or maybe your scalp is too sensitive, dry or flaky? If you are suffering from at least one of these problems, you need to do something. At the Socrates clinic, a hair condition consultation is performed, during which, with the help of a microscopic camera, a closer look is taken at the condition of the patient’s scalp and hair. The camera, which magnifies the image up to 600 times, allows you to notice hair density, sensitivity, dryness or oiliness, hair breakage, inflammation, redness, ulcers or scars. Obviously, the sooner you notice the problem and start solving it, the faster you will get rid of it.

How is the procedure performed?

Dermatologist Renata Kliunkienė provides consultation on hair condition. The doctor carefully examines the patient’s hair with a microscopic camera in order to find out one or another of the patient’s scalp and hair problems. Hair and scalp analysis helps to closely see the condition of the patient’s head, assess hair density, examine hair follicles, determine how much hair is lost, the nature of hair loss, etc. The presented conclusions of the analysis of the condition of the scalp and hair help to find a suitable and specific solution to the problem.


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