Individual treatment of the eye area


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Let your eyes shine with confidence! Eyes are the mirror of our soul, sometimes more eloquent than spoken words. Therefore, you want them to radiate life, retain their youthful charm, and the particularly sensitive under-eye area does not reveal fatigue, age or sleepless nights. Sunken eyes, wrinkles, decreased elasticity appear with age, the area under the eyes often reflects our well-being or even our state of health.

Taking this into account, we have created an individual treatment procedure for the under-eye area, during which complex procedures are selected to achieve the desired result. During the procedure, with the help of innovative “Indiba” and “Hifu” lasers or injections of amino acids, hyaluronic acids, botulinum toxin, not only clear and smooth skin under the eyes will be achieved, but also reduced under-eye wrinkles. Thanks to the procedure, drying of the skin will be prevented, skin elasticity will increase. A fresh and deep look is the most beautiful decoration!

Description of the procedure

It is a comprehensive procedure for rejuvenating and restoring the eye area, during which, using the treatment method chosen by the doctor, to solve your problem, eye wrinkles, sunken eyes are reduced, skin elasticity and firmness are restored or other problems of your eye area are solved. As the skin ages, its elasticity decreases, and any lack of sleep or fatigue only accentuates the imperfections under the eyes. Therefore, we suggest you try individual treatment of the under-eye area, which will smooth and brighten the skin under your eyes, prevent the skin from drying out, and make your eyes look more vibrant.


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