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An infrared sauna differs from an ordinary sauna: The essence of an infrared sauna is that the body is directly heated by infrared rays. In a simple sauna, the air is first heated, which then heats the body – the heating is indirect. In an infrared sauna, the air temperature reaches 40-50 °C, and in a normal sauna – 80-100 °C. Therefore, the thermal effect and body-cleansing sweating are achieved at a much lower and more comfortable temperature. Unlike a regular sauna, an infrasauna tones, not puts you to sleep.

How long does the infrared sauna procedure last?

An infrared sauna is a heat therapy procedure that improves blood circulation, general well-being, relaxes muscles and tones. After purchasing the procedure, you can spend up to 60 minutes in the sauna. The heat emitted by infrared heaters penetrates the body up to 4-7 cm, although the air heats up to only 45-55° C.

It can also be used by those who do not normally tolerate heat: children, more sensitive or elderly people, patients with heart disease and vascular diseases. By using this sauna, blood circulation improves, wounds and bruises heal faster, and slags are removed. Profuse sweating facilitates kidney function, normalizes blood pressure, reduces various cold symptoms, and joint pain. Pleasant warmth calms the nervous system and improves sleep.


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