Juliette Armand Hydra Bonding Serum is a moisture-binding serum for all skin types


A hydrating, soothing serum specially formulated for extreme cold and dryness. It reduces skin sensitivity and irritation and provides long-lasting hydration. Hydrating and moisture-retaining serum effective in extreme conditions such as low temperatures and drought. It contains the ingredients Antarcticin (glycoprotein) and Pentavitin, which protect the skin by interacting with two types of hyaluronic acid (HMW and XSMW), increasing the skin’s water reserves and reducing transdermal loss. It also contains Dermasooth, plant extracts (Enteromorpha Compressa, Silybum Marianum, Ocimum Sanctum) and panthenol to reduce redness and protect the skin barrier. It is also suitable for very dry conditions in the aircraft cabin.


20 ml

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