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Laser hair removal can become one of your best decisions, facilitating your beauty routine and allowing you to forget about the inconvenience and short-term results of other hair removal methods. With the latest generation lasers we use, the hair follicle itself is effectively destroyed, thus ensuring a long-lasting result. A laser selected by a qualified doctor affects only the hair follicle, i.e. i.e. the laser rays are absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, which heats up and decays due to the thermal effect, while the surrounding tissue remains healthy and intact.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

The procedure can be performed for both women and men who want to remove hair from different parts of the body: legs, arms, chest, face, armpits, back, etc. i.e. Laser hair removal is not performed on pregnant women, in the presence of tanned or damaged skin, infected skin, herpes and in the use of photosensitizing drugs (increasing sensitivity to light).

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal ensures long-lasting results: about 80-90% of hair follicles are destroyed. Laser hair removal is safe and does not damage the surrounding tissue. No more ingrown hairs, no need to use uncomfortable and painful depilation tools. It saves time, and in the long run money: for example, with wax, you need to remove hair every month, and with laser, 4-12 procedures are enough, and with laser, you can depilate any area of ​​the body.

What is the procedure?

Before the procedure, expectations, possible results, the course of the procedure are discussed with the doctor, and the condition of the depilated skin is assessed. A licensed doctor, taking into account the patient’s skin type, area, lightness and thickness of the hair, chooses which laser to perform hair removal. The skin is prepared for the procedure by applying heat-protecting gel to the area to be depilated, protective glasses are provided. The laser rays are precisely aimed at the hair follicle, where the melanin in it absorbs the rays, heats up and destroys the follicle.

How many treatments will I need?

Typically 4-8 laser hair removal sessions approximately every 4-6 weeks are required to achieve desired results. The number of procedures is determined by the location of the depilated skin, hair color, thickness and other physical characteristics, so only a specialist can tell the exact number of procedures. Depending on the individual characteristics of a person, 98% hair is removed for 3-5 years. Later, one procedure per year is enough to maintain the result. The maintenance procedure is necessary because the body has the ability to regenerate, so only about 2% of the hairs grow back – only they are much thinner and more delicate.

How long is the procedure?

Depending on the area to be depilated, the duration of the procedure can be from 5 to 30 minutes.

Hair removal area

Armpit area, Back area, Bikini + armpits + calves, Bikini area (full), Bikini area (partial), Bikini area for men, Calf area, Cheek area, Chest area, Chin area, Facial area, Forearms, Full bikini + armpits, Full bikini + calves, Hands, Interval area, Neck area, Partial bikini + armpits, Shoulder area, Thigh area, Upper lip area


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