Luxurious facial rituals with Morjana

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Facial rituals with “Morjana” cosmetics are luxurious refreshment for your face. During a luxurious spa ritual, the skin is pampered with specially nourishing products and a special massage, the movements of which activate processes beneficial to the skin, reduce emotional tension, and feel complete relaxation.

“Morjana” is an exotic breath from Morocco

Rituals are performed with “Morjana” cosmetics, which is produced in France, and the natural, highest quality ingredients in the composition are collected in Morocco, where the best argan oil is produced. Rituals use natural oils of amber, musk, satin cedar, peppermint, cinnamon and orange, verbena, jasmine, honey, argan and neroli and agarwood.

Rituals and massages performed at the Socrates clinic with “Morjana” cosmetics will take you to a world full of bright colors, fragrant aromas and oriental mysticism, where you can achieve spiritual peace and physical relaxation.

Facial rituals with Morjana

Ritual for the skin around the eyes with "Morjana" (75 min.), Spa massage with "Morjana" (60 min.), Spa massage with "Morjana" (90 min.), Spa ritual for the body with "Morjana" (120 min.)


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