Luxury body massages with Morjana

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A luxurious body massage with Morjana is even more refreshing for body and soul. It heals, relaxes, relieves muscle pain, and has a positive effect on mental health. Massage masters know the secret parts of the human body, the stimulation of which creates a therapeutic and relaxing effect. It helps to get rid of emotional tension, stress and all worries, which is especially important in today’s world. Such a relaxing rest can become a small celebration in your everyday life, helping to maintain good health.

“Morjana” is an exotic breath from Morocco

The massages are performed with the French cosmetics “Morjana”, which are made using beauty secrets from Morocco accumulated over the years. Morjana developed its products based on the ritual philosophy of the hammam (a Turkish bath, which is also common in other Middle Eastern countries), according to which it is important to cleanse oneself before every important moment in a person’s life (wedding, childbirth, etc.), both physically and spiritually. The whole process should be as relaxing and soothing as possible to achieve peace of mind and body.

How long is the procedure?

The massage lasts about 1 hour, but you can also choose 1 hour. 30 minutes duration massage.

Body massages with "Morjana"

Spa facial ritual with "Morjana" (90 min.), Spa massage with "Morjana" (60 min.), Spa massage with "Morjana" (90 min.), Spa ritual for the body with "Morjana" (120 min.), Spa ritual for the body with "Morjana" (60 min.), Spa ritual for the eye area with "Morjana" (75 min.)


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