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Massages for pregnant women

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Expecting a new life for a pregnant woman poses many challenges, both psychological and physiological. During this period, it is especially important to pay enough attention to yourself and take care of yourself. During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes dramatically, so massage can become one of the ways to ease the not always pleasant changes in the body. Pregnancy massages performed in our clinic help to relax, remove tension and prepare for childbirth.

During the procedure:

With us, you have the opportunity to choose an oil for massage yourself, the smell of which would be pleasant to you. The following options may be offered: almond, apricot pit, grape pit, rose, citrus fruit, buriti, tonic and muscle relaxing oils. You can also treat yourself to a massage with shea butter, cocoa or mango fruit butter.

How long is the procedure?

Duration of the massage, depending on the treated area, from 30 to 60 minutes.

Prenatal massages

Classic full body massage, Hand and foot massage, Head massage


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