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Mesotherapy is a procedure in which biologically active substances are injected into various parts of the body and skin. They enter both the deeper and the surface layers of the skin, thus promoting skin healing processes. Preparations used for mesotherapy may contain various substances that promote beauty and health: hyaluronic acid, coenzymes, vitamins, trace elements (such as zinc or magnesium), amino acids, antioxidants, etc. i.e. It is a mesotherapy cocktail for your skin that helps to solve various aesthetic and health problems.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

The procedure is suitable for women and men who have wrinkles, photoaging, hyperpigmentation, scars, skin that has lost its elasticity and lacks moisture, dark circles under the eyes, increased volume, cellulite, weak, brittle and falling hair. Mesotherapy is not performed for pregnant, lactating women with acute and chronic skin diseases, neurological diseases (for example, epilepsy), blood clotting disorders, allergy to one of the ingredients of mesotherapy cocktails, in the postoperative period, and prone to the formation of keloid scars.

What is the procedure?

Before the procedure, the doctor will examine and evaluate the condition of the skin, select the most suitable preparation for the treatment, which will pamper the skin with useful substances. In the selected area, microinjections are performed with a U225 mesogun, which accurately and quickly injects the appropriate preparation. The procedure uses extremely thin disposable needles, which help to evenly distribute the mesotherapy cocktail in the treated area.

Mesotherapy zones

Hyaluronic mesotherapy for one zone, Mesobotox, Mesotherapy for hair 3 procedures, Mesotherapy for hair 5 ml, Mesotherapy for the body, Mesotherapy for the eyes, Mesotherapy for the face, Mesotherapy with vitamins for one zone


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