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Women care very intensely about their facial appearance. Responsibly chooses facial care products and various procedures to maintain the firmness and purity of the facial skin. However, the neck and décolleté area should not be forgotten when taking care of the face. These areas also require maintenance. Wide necklines are fun to decorate the beautiful and well-groomed skin of the décolleté. That’s why at Sokratos Clinic we have prepared for you a perfect duet for neck and décolleté tightening – DUO!

Step no. 1.

First of all, a procedure is performed, during which the fascia is loosened with the help of the apparatus – the subcutaneous membrane, which is composed of materials that ensure firmness and strength. Under the action of multipolar radio frequency, low-intensity laser and vacuum, the fascia is released with the help of the device. After the procedure, the subcutaneous layer, relaxed by the machine, is fully prepared for the second step of the procedure.

Step no. 2

The perfectly prepared tissues of the neck and décolleté are injected with amino acid injection “Sunekos”. These amino acids efficiently and naturally renew the skin, reduce wrinkles, tighten tissues, and restore skin moisture.

How long is the procedure?

The duration of the procedure is about 60 minutes.

When is the result visible?

The result of the procedure is visible already the next morning. Two of everything (DUO) Perfect procedures for a duo for neck and décolleté tightening are two of everything: – Two offices – Two specialists – Two procedures


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