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Found out you’re pregnant? And what’s next? What should you eat? What tests should be done for you and your baby? What to expect during pregnancy and childbirth? What happens if problems persist? These are thoughts that plague all mothers-to-be. Of course, becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys and responsibilities, but the transition to parenthood can be complex and anxiety-inducing. What can be done to make waiting for a child easy and calm? Preparing for parenthood can be made easier by knowing you’ve done everything you can before the baby is born. The Antenatal Program is an antenatal care program that provides all necessary testing, education and counseling to support the good health of the expectant mother and fetus throughout pregnancy. During visits, all relevant questions are answered to make waiting for the baby as smooth and calm as possible.

Maternity Care Program

This is a program for checking the health of the future mother and fetus, during which the pregnant women of our Sokrato Clinica are supervised and cared for by qualified obstetrician-gynecologists, the necessary tests are performed to prevent maternal and fetal diseases and complications, and to ensure the good spiritual well-being of the woman. In the clinic, we provide professional and careful care of pregnant women to make the waiting period safe and smooth.

Objective of the Antenatal Care Program

To provide pregnant women with professional and caring care during the entire waiting period – to take care of the health of the woman and the fetus in order to avoid diseases and complications and to ensure good emotional well-being of the expectant woman so that the woman feels stronger and safer. Pregnant women at Sokrato Clinica are cared for and supervised by doctor obstetrician-gynecologist Violeta Tamulienė.

Pregnancy programmes

Antenatal care program (I trimester), Antenatal care program (II trimester), Antenatal care program (III trimester), Pregnant care program (I, II, III trimesters)


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