Red treatment – rosacea

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This disease has more than one name: rosacea, red, pink, “rosacea”. Its main symptom is facial redness, which occurs due to dilated capillaries. In case of facial rosacea, a burning sensation is felt in the face area, the skin is covered with pustules or pink nodules, and in some cases the nose swells. Treatment of facial rosacea is necessary, because without treatment the disease continues to progress and causes more and more discomfort.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

Treatment of redness is performed for both women and men. The procedure is not performed during pregnancy, in the presence of malignant skin formations, herpes. Whether the procedure can be performed for you is more precisely decided by the doctor during the consultation.

What is the procedure?

Initially, consultation with the doctor, evaluation of the skin condition, selection of the treatment method, discussion of the course of the procedure and the results. Before the procedure, the skin is covered with heat gel and special glasses are put on to protect against the laser light. The doctor directs the laser rays to the areas affected by redness and removes the capillaries. During the procedure, warmth, stinging, and slight pain may be felt.

How long is the procedure?

Laser treatment of redness takes about 10-30 minutes.

Treatment of erythema

1 square centimeter, Area of ​​both cheeks, Chin area, Cleavage area, Forehead area, Nasal area, Photodynamic (PDT) therapy – 1 procedure, Photodynamic (PDT) therapy – 4 procedures, Photodynamic therapy – 1 procedure, Photodynamic therapy – 3 procedures


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