RegenLab PRP therapy for joints

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Joint treatment with platelet concentrate injections is an innovative, clinically proven treatment method developed by the Swiss company Regen Lab. This method of treatment is currently extremely popular in the world and is becoming increasingly popular in Lithuania. Platelet concentrate injections are gaining popularity because they are highly effective and do not cause any complications or side effects.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure is not complicated – the specialist takes a small amount of blood (about 25 ml) from the vein, the blood is specially processed and a platelet concentrate is extracted from it. Later, the concentrate is injected into the damaged/painful area. These injections are an excellent means of treating joint pain, promoting tissue regeneration, reducing inflammation and pain, increasing the amount of collagen, bone density, and also stimulating the formation of new blood vessels. In addition, the procedure is completely safe, the blood cells of the same person – platelets – are used during the therapy, which guarantees the complete safety of the procedure.

RegenLab PRP for joints

RegenLab PRP therapy for joints, RegenLab PRP therapy with hyaluronic for joints


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