Slimming massages

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In addition to sports and proper nutrition, there are other methods that help to improve the figure and reduce the unwanted fat layer. One of them is slimming massages. It is a unique and effective type of massage that reduces adipose tissue and overall body mass. It also effectively fights against a common skin disease – cellulite. Slimming massages beautify areas affected by cellulite, refine body lines, and give sculpting. It is recommended to choose slimming massages for women after childbirth, in order to eliminate stretch marks, unnecessary kilograms, excess loose skin or to shape the body.

During the procedure:

With us, you have the opportunity to choose your own oil for massage, the smell of which would be pleasant to you. The following options may be offered: almond, apricot pit, grape pit, rose, citrus fruit, buriti, tonic and muscle relaxing oils. You can also treat yourself to a massage with shea butter, cocoa or mango fruit butter.

What is the course of procedures?

If you decide to try the benefits of slimming massages, we will create an individual treatment schedule for you. Usually 10-12 procedures are required. Procedures are performed every 2-3 days. The effect of slimming massages is felt after each procedure, and maintenance procedures are required to achieve long-term results.

Slimming massages

Anti-Cellulite Massage, Lipolytic massage, Lymphatic drainage massage, Lymphatic drainage massage after surgery 30 min., Lymphatic drainage massage after surgery 45 min., Lymphatic drainage massage with a device (pressotherapy)


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