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A spa ritual is a combination of pleasurable sensations that nourish the body and soul. The ritual of body treatments helps to cleanse the body of toxins and other harmful substances, to relax, to gain strength, to forget worries and problems, and to forget fatigue. Sokrato Clincia offers a wide variety of spa rituals to relax and unwind – for women and men, body and face treatments, for one and two people. The spa rituals consist of different treatments that relax the whole body, make it firm, and the power of essential oils nourishes the skin and gives off pleasant scents.

SPA ritualai

,,Detox'', ,,Energy'', "Chocolate Dream" (90 min.), "Chocolate Orange (90 min.), "Code of Youth" (90 min.), "Cranberry in a coconut" (90 min.), "Let Her Shine" (90 min.), "Longing for the Sea" (120 min.), "Royal SPA for women" (120 min.) + GIFT, "Toning Spa for Men" (90 min.) +GIFT, „Detox“ (90 min.), „Relax“ (120 min.), „Slim“ (120 min.), Spa ritual to boost the immune system(90 min.)


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