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Therapeutic massages are very useful for those who sit for a long time at the computer, do heavy physical work, and do active sports. They always cause a pleasant feeling of peace, so they are especially useful for people with a sensitive nervous system, suffering from long-term stress, various fears, depression attacks or anxiety. Therapeutic massages are an excellent preventive measure against various diseases.

Therapeutic massages can be performed not only after diagnosing a specific disease, but only after feeling the first symptoms of certain diseases: pain in the neck at the waist, pain in the shoulder, arms or legs, feeling stiffness and pain in the joints. Also, if frequent headaches bother you.

Therapeutic massages stimulate blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, have a positive effect on internal organs, and activate lymph circulation in the body. For physically active people, massages restore the balance of substances and increase the oxygen supply to the tissue by 10-15 percent.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

Massages performed in our clinic are suitable for both women and men who experience constant tension, fatigue, athletes or simply want to pamper themselves with body massages. Massage technique is designed to have a positive effect on the body and nervous system, so it is an effective way to relax the body, reduce pain, tension or fatigue. Also, massages can be performed to remove muscle cramps, restore muscle tone, restore and normalize body function impairments experienced after injuries.

How long is the procedure?

Duration of the massage, depending on the treated area, from 30 to 60 minutes.

Therapeutic massages

Deep tissue stretching massage, Exfoliating body massage, Hand and foot massage, Head massage, Neck, neck, shoulder massage (30 min.), Sports myofascial massage (30 min.), Sports myofascial massage (60 min.), Swedish deep massage, Therapeutic back massage, Therapeutic full body massage


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