Treatment of facial capillaries

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Do you notice dilated capillaries? This is nothing to worry about as it is a solvable problem and can be removed with a laser. Genetics, sunlight, lifestyle, and various other factors contribute to dilation of blood vessels and capillaries. Dilated capillaries on the face or other parts of the body often cause psychological discomfort. However, the removal of blood vessels, their derivatives and capillaries by laser provides not only aesthetic satisfaction, but is often important to ensure health, for example, in the case of facial redness, after the removal of dilated capillaries, the unpleasant sensations accompanying the disease also disappear.

Who is this procedure suitable for?

Capillary removal is performed on women and men who want to remove vascular plexuses on the face, décolleté, enlarged capillaries with hemangiomas, cherry angiomas, stellate veins (red and purple veins on the face), venous lakes (soft, dark blue nodules), telangiectasia and i.e. i.e.

What is the procedure?

Initially, a consultation with a doctor is carried out, the skin condition is assessed, the treatment method is selected, the course of the procedure and the results are discussed. Before the procedure, the skin is covered with a heat gel and special glasses are put on to protect against the laser light. Vascular formations, dilated capillaries are removed by aiming laser beams at the treated area. The oxyhemoglobin in the blood cells heats up – the walls of the blood vessels cannot withstand the heat and close, thus eventually decaying.

Visible result after several procedures?

Each case is individual and the number of procedures depends on many factors. How many procedures will need to be performed, the doctor can tell more precisely after establishing the diagnosis. The standard number of procedures is from 1 to 3 procedures performed every month.

How long is the procedure?

The duration depends on the amount of capillaries and blood vessels to be removed, the complexity and other factors, but usually the procedure takes about 10 minutes.

Facial capillary treatment areas

1 square centimeter, Area of ​​both cheeks, Chin area, Cleavage area, Forehead area, Full face, Nasal area, One cheek area


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