Treatment of skin diseases

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Treatment of skin diseases by photodynamic therapy with the TriWings LL method. Light is essential for maintaining vital functions. Many biochemical and biophysical processes in our body require light. This is the basis of light therapy. The light penetrates the tissues and triggers a whole chain of biochemical processes. If there is an electromagnetic receptor (acupuncture point) in the affected area, it is possible to notice a positive effect on other systems and organs. LEDs cause photobiochemical, physiological and non-thermal, intracellular reactions, activating collagen production and stimulating all cellular functions.

Why Choose Photodynamic Light Therapy?

TriWings LL is one of the world’s most effective and powerful LED photodynamic therapy systems, combining multiple light colors, which causes tissue interaction, reduces oxidative stress, reduces pain, inflammation, heals diseased and damaged skin, inhibits and prevents aging. You can use 1-3 LED lamps with different lights at the same time to solve the necessary problems. The system, which has no side effects at all, allows even the owners of the most sensitive skin to nurture their skin and achieve positive results.

Light emitted by the body is received in three ways: 1. with eyes; 2. special cell structures (sensory cell systems); 3. through biologically active points, also known as electromagnetic wave receptors or acupuncture points.

How does light help the skin?

Fibroblasts are responsible for connective tissue cells that produce components of intercellular tissue – elastic fibers, collagen, glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans. It is a structural network that supports the skin and ensures its biomechanical properties: firmness, elasticity, firmness.

As we age, fibroblasts become less and less active, so they lose their ability to synthesize intercellular material, and for this reason, the skin begins to age, sag, and wrinkles appear. In order to maintain the functionality of these cells and stop cell aging, the radiation emitted by the LED restores the integrity of mature and aging fibroblasts, allowing them to regain their metabolic potential (collagen and elastin production) and has a bactericidal effect due to the blue light wavelength.


Fight against skin aging,

pigmentation, uneven skin color;

Accelerated tissue regeneration – fight against cellulite, stretch marks, scars, skin cracks;

Promotes skin vitality and firmness;

Stimulation of cell metabolism;

Prevention of hair loss and promotion of hair growth;

Accelerated wound healing;

Treatment of acne and other skin inflammations;

Stimulation of microcirculation (fluid flow);

Anti-inflammatory effect;

Pain-relieving effect;

Treatment of chronic infections;

Stress management and relaxation;

Application of treatment in dermatology, gynecology, traumatology, physiotherapy.

How many procedures are needed?

It is recommended to perform a course of 4 – 8 procedures 1 – 2 times a week, but the doctor will choose the right treatment for you individually. The duration of one session ranges from 8 to 30 minutes. depending on the treatment required. Contraindications

1. Epilepsy and experienced convulsions;

2. Use of drugs, supplements or cosmetics that can cause photosensitivity.

What do you need to know before the procedure?

Before choosing to undergo photodynamic light therapy, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Photodynamic therapy

1 procedure, 4 procedures


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